I'm writing a book on it right now. I'm writing it for Roam but the principles are the same whatever tool you are using. https://twitter.com/Roamfu/status/1358766013215502340

Also, I'll be demoing these PM tools for the training I'll organize for the Believers https://gumroad.com/l/pmwithroam

The first requirement for success is to not fail. Failures are predictable. Most businesses have been tried. Let’s learn from the experience of others, so that we avoid the usual pitfalls.

Advenient.co is entering a partnership with a European company. They handle sales and strategy; we provide marketing technology talent. This is classic offshore service delivery. I cut my teeth in corporate tech back in P&G/HP by running a 24x5 30 person operation servicing a global clientele. That was IT service delivery. This is the marketing technology version of it. …

There’s nothing like a lockdown to make you question where you’re spending your time. And I turned 40 this year, so the ticking of time has gotten a bit louder.

Rather than philosophize, I’ll try out some new kinds of work, and possibly start a new business this year. The current one is stable, so I think it’s time to grow in totally new areas.

Here are the things I’m considering:

  • Productize the “mastermind” and bring it to corporate Philippines
  • Be a corporate coach focused on people early in their careers
  • Offer the Mesa Method to Philippine corporations

Below I…

What more likely to work — a Limitless pill or a comprehensive program to maintain a healthy brain? An N=1 biohacking experiment.

Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash

What we get done in life largely depend on how we make decisions, how we persuade and how we execute. These things stem from our minds and our brains—the quality of our software and our hardware.

My upbringing and education focused on training the mind: knowledge, wisdom, pattern-recognition, emotional self-mastery, mental models. Is this also your experience? History had the same bias. Ancient philosophers to 20th century psychologists neglected brains in favor of minds.

It is likely that this is simply due to technology. Our ability to see the physical inner-workings of the brain is very recent. …

At Flowstate, we have experimented with lots of sipping chocolate in the kitchen. A key lesson: you need heat to unlock the potential for flavor and mouthfeel of sipping chocolate. What’s the science behind this?

The same thing happened earlier today at 5g Coffee House. I brought the owner, Ricardo, a couple of single origin cacao liquor, to see if he would like to serve it in his cafe. The goal was to use the espresso machine to create sipping chocolate, similar to what I saw in Singapore (see video).

We first tried melting the cacao liquor with the…

Most business histories are misleading. The stories that get told tend to be self-serving to the tellers. And the ones that get repeated are those that follow archetypes — like the heroes journey — the ones that we like to hear.

In the past, I taught entrepreneurship in college and high school. So I always wanted to capture what actually happens in a startup. I attempt to do that here, while things are fresh. I’m also old enough to not care about looking stupid, and to realize that no one actually cares.

Except perhaps if you are doing something similar…

Plus the “cover band learning strategy”, 39 bioinformatics tools and two The Simpsons references.

Do you remember this episode in The Simpsons?

I predict that within 10 years, computers will be twice as powerful, ten thousand times larger, and so expensive that only the 5 richest kings of Europe will own them. — Dr. Frink

When this aired, many of us had our personal computers at home. We found this funny because we were living in the future, where Moore’s law had marched relentlessly — and continues to do so up to this day.

In the world of biology, the same joke could have been made with DNA sequencing. When the human genome…

Plus that time I had a Ratatouille moment at a cacao farm

I’ll be organizing sipping chocolate tasting sessions for Flowstate, my new side gig with my brother Peter Corazo. Signup here.

Since this is technically a business, I was able to override my stingy Cebuano soul and enrolled in this course on Mastering Chocolate Flavor. It is an investment, I told myself.

The course requires consuming a variety of chocolates. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices for the sake of education.

Which chocolate bars do I use for the different lessons? Here are the requirements:

  1. Two identical chocolate bars of any sort or any percentage.
  2. Two high-quality fine chocolate bars from…

My cheatsheet for applying techniques from the bestselling book, “The Emotional Life of Your Brain” by Dr. Richard J. Davidson

Photo by Mark Daynes via Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/J6p8nfCEuS4

A few weeks back, I attended a seminar on “Educating the Emotions.” I’m involved in a non-profit tackling leadership and character formation of young people. Educating the emotions is a key part of that formation.

I was also personally interested. I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs in business. Part of the game has been to tame the hunter-gatherer in me, that part of my mind which overreacts to business threats as if it were 10,000 BC, fighting for survival as a tribesman in the jungle.

I’ve written in the past about 3 techniques that worked for me:


Packaging is part of the product. We experience food and drink with all our senses, not only our taste buds.

Our goal for Flowstate’s branding is to assist in experiencing chocolate.

Compared to Specialty Coffee

Here are top results when doing a Google image search for “specialty coffee packaging.”

Many have a minimalist vibe. I think this captures the experience of craft coffee. Flavors are clean. Baristas are clinical: they measure down to the gram and to the degree celsius. Roasting is a science:

Kahlil Corazo


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