What more likely to work — a Limitless pill or a comprehensive program to maintain a healthy brain? An N=1 biohacking experiment.

Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash

What we get done in life largely depend on how we make decisions, how we persuade and how we execute. These things stem from our minds and our brains—the quality of our software and our hardware.

My upbringing and education focused on training the mind: knowledge, wisdom, pattern-recognition, emotional self-mastery…

My cheatsheet for applying techniques from the bestselling book, “The Emotional Life of Your Brain” by Dr. Richard J. Davidson

Photo by Mark Daynes via Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/J6p8nfCEuS4

A few weeks back, I attended a seminar on “Educating the Emotions.” I’m involved in a non-profit tackling leadership and character formation of young people. Educating the emotions is a key part of that formation.

I was also personally interested. I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs in business…

Kahlil Corazo


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