Still my landing page design checklist

1. Does the landing page answer the visitor’s questions?

  • Is this what I expect to see? Company logo! Alignment of headlines and pics from ads — “scent”
  • Does this look credible and trustworthy? Client logos, testimonials, press mentions, professional associations.
  • Does this look interesting enough to spend more time here? Speaking to the pains/gains/jobs to your target visitor. Copywriting: clarity not cleverness.
  • Hmm… that’s intriguing. How do I learn more? Design mostly for Short Attention Sam, but put in the details for the rest. Answer this with headers.
  • I’m interested, what now? Clear Calls-to-Action.
  • What if I’m uncomfortable doing that? Secondary CTAs. Privacy.
  • And if I have more questions? Secondary CTA: contact us, pop-up.

2. Are the conversion goals clear? Is each element designed toward those conversion goals?

Here’s the template I fill-out to ensure that each element of the design and copy is aligned to the conversion goals, and a filled-out example for a growth workshop targeted to businesses in the Netherlands.

3. Technical Quality

  • Site load speed
  • Tracking pixels for analytics and advertising
  • SSL

4. More Guidelines

  • Establish credibility
  • Use a professional, industry-appropriate design
  • Include those excellent references
  • Ensure everything works (check for broken image references, misaligned displays, typos, and broken links, etc)
  • Simplify and separate (don’t let the standard layout of your website dictate the design of the landing page)
  • Reduce or eliminate navigation
  • Reduce branding and other standard site elements
  • Make the landing page an extension of your ad
  • Provide what the ad promised
  • Match the wording of the ad’s call to action
  • Use consistent graphics or illustration
  • Maintain language and tone
  • Offer segmenting options for different audiences
  • Personalize to the visitor
  • Use fewer, better graphics
  • Choose the most effective media type for your offer
  • Create interest and desire with compelling copy
  • Speak the customer’s language
  • Engage the visitor with benefits, reasons, scenarios they can relate to
  • Include only the most important points
  • Accommodate different reading patterns
  • Include the right amount of copy
  • Provide a clear call to action
  • Be clear, obvious and concise
  • Avoid intimidating or unclear language
  • Provide a secondary, “Safety Valve” Call to Action. Examples:
  • Ask for the minimum amount of information you need (conversion rate is inversely proportional to number of fields in the form)
  • Make buttons easy to find
  • Make buttons look like buttons
  • Make important buttons more prominent
  • Use clear, concise, inviting button labels
  • Be clear about what’s coming next
  • Place buttons intuitively

5. Forms

Forms should answer the following questions toward its completion:

  • Where do I start?
  • Does it look easy?
  • Will it take a long time?
  • Are there lots of steps in this process?
  • Is the outcome worth the effort?
  • Is this page secure? Is my browser “lock” icon visible?
  • Does it ask for a reasonable amount of information?

Guidelines on forms

  • Focus attention on the form area
  • Use a clean, simple layout
  • Be ruthless: remove unnecessary fields
  • Overcome hesitation with benefits
  • Use clear, descriptive field labels
  • Consider using active verbs
  • Consider using sentence completion (eg, I am ____)
  • Consider using a complete question
  • Provide help and contextual answers
  • Allow estimated answers
  • Prefill as many needs as possible
  • Clearly indicate the steps or time involved
  • Provide security and privacy reassurance

My pet peeve: prioritize the user’s ease vs the organization’s efficiency

For examples, more explanation and more context, check out the book.



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